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Price list of the latest Southern construction steel in May 2020


Price list of the latest Southern construction steel in May 2020Bảng báo giá thép Miền Nam  list includes prices and units. Call the hotline below for the fastest consultation support. The sudden rapid increase creates 2-way conditions for businesses.

Price list of the latest Southern construction steel in May 2020, Bảng giá thép xây dựng miền Nam mới nhất tháng 5 năm 2020

Price list of the latest Southern construction steel in May 2020 | MANH CUONG PHAT

  • When the price of iron and steel increases, the price list of  many big orders will be quickly locked, but of course, it is also a hassle in changing the price of steel continuously supplied to you.
  • Because our company quickly catches the trends in the need of supplies of current works. Therefore, let us help you.
  •  The company distributes all kinds of: sand, construction stone, cement, bricks, construction steel. Your work will ensure a high level of safety after construction. 
  • The material quality has been rigorously checked, so the contractor is completely assured. Package services include: Consulting – quotation – transporting materials to the project – on-site payment – after-customer care
  • For dedicated and detailed instructions, you can contact us via the hotline:  0937 959 666 – 0908 646 555 . Order high-quality supplies, free from impurities. Our motto is to say no to fake and shoddy goods. Helping all construction works achieve absolute certainty, at reasonable prices

Southern steel price list

No. STEEL NAME UNIT VOLUME / TREE UNIT ( Unit / Kg) UNIT (Unit / tree)
01 Steel coil Ø 6 Kg   11,800  
02 Steel coil Ø 8 Kg   11,800  
03 Southern Steel Ø 10 1 Tree (11.7m) 7.22   82,000
04 Southern Steel Ø 12 1 Tree (11.7m) 10.39   116,000
05 Southern Steel Ø 14 1 Tree (11.7m) 14.16   157,500
06 Southern Steel Ø 16 1 Tree (11.7m) 18.49   205,500
07 Southern Steel Ø 18 1 Tree (11.7m) 23.40   260,000
08 Southern Steel Ø 20 1 Tree (11.7m) 28.90   321,500
09 Southern Steel Ø 22 1 Tree (11.7m) 34.87   389,000
ten Southern Steel Ø 25 1 Tree (11.7m) 45.05   506,000
11 Steel Ø 28 1 Tree (11.7m) 56.63   Contact
twelfth Steel Ø 32 1 Tree (11.7m) 73.83   Contact

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Building materials Manh Cuong Phat is a major distributor of iron and steel lines from many famous brands and products of clear origin. Cooperating with Hoa Phat Steel, Viet Nhat Steel, Pomina Steel, Southern Steel, etc. Diversify types: box, tubular, I, U shaped steel, etc. for the purpose of constructing high-quality constructions. steadfast over time

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