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Windows 10 KB5015878 update released with gaming fixes


Doesn’t Windows, since qualcomm Driver Updater Windows 8, have built in Refresh and Restore options, the latter of which basically formats the hard drive and reinstall Windows automatically? It’s must be noted that the requirement to get Windows 10 through Windows Update is only if you want to perform a clean install. If you use the ISO tool to install it, you just skip the cd-key and upgrade the installed OS, then it activates itself from within Windows 10. I get the same error code after doing an upgrade of my Windows 10 Developer Preview last night. It was fully updated and activated before I did the upgrade. I upgraded to my own this language and it kept only my personal files.

Once installation has finished, you can resume or turn on BitLocker again. This tutorial will show you how to do a repair install of Windows 10 by performing an in-place upgrade without losing anything. You will need to redo Windows updates subsequent to the build you have used for the repair install. System Protection will be reset to the default of being turned off.

Thanks again to Ultimaker for developing Cura under open license. Fixed an issue when creating thumbnails for SVG files created using Inkscape. Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 can display multiple clocks at the same time. You can use this feature to monitor the current time in different parts of the world. … On the Additional clocks tab, select the first check box Show this clock. Select the second clock’s time zone and clock name, and then click OK.


The key may be obscured by a square patch of silver security foil. When completed, you will go straight to the Windows 10 desktop. You may log in with your Microsoft account if desired. Double check that you are deleting the correct partitions and click OK. In almost all cases, the default of 64bit is correct.

It will then start Making sure your PC has enough space, and then arrive at the Ready to install screen. It may say that it will Keep personal files and apps. Just click on Change what to keep under that.

  • It is created automatically by your PC when it notices the change.
  • You can switch between OS X and Windows using the Startup Manager.
  • Since the virtual machine has been created with Windows 10 and later x64 settings, edit the VM to satisfy Windows 11 minimum requirements.

However, this is easily fixed by simply renaming the file to ‘install.wim’. Windows 10 has released a few installers that might cause this behavior unless you tweak the main installation file. Locate the security suite inside the Programsand Features menu that needs to be uninstalled.

How to add Local and Microsoft accounts to Administrators Group using PowerShell

Once the menu comes up, type languages in the search box at the bottom of the screen.Access the language menu on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the Start menu. If you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you will need to uninstall the extra languages from the Change display language tab. However, since the exact instructions for getting rid of every unnecessary language pack is different on every Windows iteration, follow one of the sub-guides below to get it done. This workaround will work on an older Windows version when trying to upgrade to 10 and also on an existing Windows 10 PC . If this method is not applicable in your particular scenario or it didn’t make a difference, move down to the next method below.

Under Files to delete, choose the file varieties to do away with. To get an outline of the file sort, choose it. Once all of this is done, all that remains is to reboot your PC, boot into the USB, and complete the setup process.

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